Friday, 22 July 2011

one fine evening....

it happened yesterday when 3 of us went out together. it brings back those old memories back in high school. i really missed that moment. since we cant gathered all of us together, we just go with 3. a lots and lots of stories we shared. through meeting or gathering like this, we can know about the other's stories as well. this is so nice. its been a while since last time we meet each other. it was friday and we have no idea where to go so after having some discussion we agreed to follow the driver..hehe :p we were heading to pantai cahaya bulan or known as PCB. this is one of the famous beach in kelantan. so here i put up some pictures of us. oh ya, thanx to syawal for belanja makan and for being our photographer for that day.. :))..nnt kita kluar lg eh... ;)


Thursday, 21 July 2011

leisure..... :)

my books..i love them all.they r my friends when i'm alone especially when i'm alone without lappy. so books will b my close friends. here r some books or novels that i used to read. this is from my collections. i lost some of it :( i cant really remember whom borrows my books..haha. i need to check it back cz i lost the one that i love most. here some of the novels that i have.and i just love to read it ;)