Thursday, 1 September 2011

missing u T________ T

hola! today is the 3rd day of syawal..u noe wat, i feel nothing for raya this year.its like xde perasaan.i dunno how to describe this kind of weird lil feeling. i feel if theres something less in my life and all i do is ignoring.i just ignore what i feel..i really miss someone at this moment..its been ages we didnt see each other, talk to each other. this thing is sometimes bothering me but i just ignore n at the end of the day i end up with frustration..sigh..and u... if u happen to read this, i just wanted u to noe that i really miss u :(
my new phase of life will begin soon..very soon..i'll b a student one more time.but trust me, this time not gonna the same with last time.i need to b stronger..i've learned my muna, u can do it! just believe in urself.hoooyeah!

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