Saturday, 30 April 2011

first and foremost.....

hi everyone... this is my very first time writing over here...just started this new hobby..well...its not really a hobby i've made this blog simply bcz i'm boring n feel like writing other than writing on my lovely journal.i love to xpress myself through writing but i never used to write on blog before. oh yea, b4 i frgt, i would like to thanx to my gegurls pika n ekin cz they inspired me to do what i'm doing now. :p especially now here i am.. first and foremost let me b the silent blogger first (ade eyh?) i just make myself invisible to others..haha..hey, u know sth, i dont think that i'll always update my blog...lazy i guess my blog will b the most boring blog ever..aha..i dun expect others to follow bcz i'm here just for myself and in short, just for fun.. :D

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