Sunday, 26 June 2011

another half *wink*

:p try to see the date for this entry n see the date for the previous entry. eh??? apehal?? this is bcz.....i'm tooooooooooo lazy for all this thing.haha. hurm...not really lazy actually, i'm just busy..kununnn..i really dont know how to spend time for this site. in fact, i also didnt update my journal. i'll try my level best to make my blog looks like other blog.hehe. but i cant promise.never mind bcz this is my site n my territory so no one can invade it :p
talking of this blog..someone asked me. y the other half? whos the other half?..ok.let me make this thing clear.the other half is that person..yah u silly! lol. it just the title but yes, got meaning behind those words which i cant really share *shy*
what else to write? see, this is my problem. i'm not born to be a blogger. not at all.~sigh~ it is cool perhaps. this is bcz i'm new here. i should learn lot of things so that my blog wont b as boring as this.pffttttttt. next entry should b lil bit interesting. c'mon muna..improve la.. :p

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